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Tommy Wiedmann is Director of Research at the Centre for Sustainability Accounting. He is founding member of the company and develops the methods and data needed for integrated sustainability accounting. He is also a Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences in Canberra, Australia, and an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Tommy's scientific interests are in the field of sustainable consumption research where he focuses on improving and applying carbon footprint and environmental input-output analysis. He was guest editor of the Special Issue 2009 of the journal Economic Systems Research on 'Carbon Footprint and Input-Output Analysis'. He was a member of the 'Methodology' Technical Working Group preparing the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product and Value Chain (Scope 3) Standards and of the Economic-Environmental Accounting Peer Review Panel of the Scottish Government. In 2009, he gave evidence before the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

Tommy holds a PhD in environmental and analytical chemistry from the University of Ulm, Germany.
Dr. Tommy Wiedmann
Dr. Tommy Wiedmann

Dr. John Barrett
John Barrett is a Director at the Centre for Sustainability Accounting and is also a Professor of Sustainability Research at the University of Leeds. He joined the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) at Leeds in February 2011. Currently, John is lead author for the IPCC 5th Assessment for Working Group III.

John was one of the lead advisors to Defra in relation to the development of PAS2050, and was commissioned by Defra to lead on understanding the carbon footprint of trade. John has appeared regularly on Radio 4 news and discussion programmes and written numerous policy reports on SCP issues, for a wide range of audiences.

Key areas of his research have included the use of global trade models to understand the embedded carbon emissions in goods and services, and estimating the upstream carbon emissions from emerging energy technologies. These have been used by numerous UK government departments to understand consumer emissions, as well as the carbon emissions embedded in products.
Dr. John Barrett


Rachel Cracknell
Rachel Cracknell is an Associate at CenSA who has worked as both a sustainability consultant and in research and has spent the past seven years undertaking applied research. She is an accomplished writer and speaker having both presented at international conferences and being published in academic and industry journals. She was trained as an environmental scientist obtaining a first class honours degree in Geography from the University of Leeds and has recently completed a masterís course in Environment and International Development at the University of Manchester.
Rachel Cracknell

Scientific Advisor

Manfred Lenzen was born and raised in the German Rhineland, and after completing a PhD in Nuclear Physics, moved to Australia where he took up work on renewable energy technologies at the University of Sydney. He is Professor of Sustainability Research at the Centre for Integrated Sustainbility Analysis (ISA) at the University of Sydney. Manfred is an international leader in Economic Input-Output Analysis and Life-Cycle Assessment, and is Editor of the journal Economic Systems Research and Associate Editor for the Journal of Industrial Ecology. He has contributed major methodological advances as well as numerous applications, in particular on embodied energy and greenhouse gas emissions. At present, Manfred works on the development of quantitative methods for integrated sustainability assessment, notably Triple Bottom Line Accounting, Global Multi-Region Input-Output Analysis and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. Prof. Manfred Lenzen
Prof. Manfred Lenzen

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