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Will Switching to an Electric Shaver Really Help the Environment?

You might think that using an electric shaver will damage the environment more as it uses electricity to function. The truth is that disposable shavers are even worse. Each year, several ton of disposable shavers are left on dump sites. They are made from materials that don’t decompose. As such, they end up filling up the garbage site.

According to statistics, men throw an average of 10 disposable shavers each month. This is roughly 120 shavers each year. Multiply it with the number of men just in the UK alone and you will realise just how big a problem it is.
The good thing about an electric shaver is that you can reuse it. You also don’t consume huge amount of energy. It only uses a minimal amount of electricity for it to function. Besides, given how powerful it is in removing facial hairs, it would only take a while before you can finish the job. It also does not matter how quick your facial hair regrows. If you want to use the shaver often, it won’t pose any problem to the environment at all.

Be a part of the change that needs to happen if you want to reduce the amount of garbage filling out various sites. They are already a major problem right now. You can do something to prevent it from becoming even worse and shifting to electric shavers is the right way moving forward.

Yes, electric shavers might cost more than disposable shavers, but you only have to buy once. If the parts are broken, you can easily change them. On the other hand, disposable shavers need to be replaced regularly. There are even some of them that can only be used once. You could not rely on these shavers all the time or else you would really contribute on the growing number of shavers filling disposal sites.

Check out ShaverGuide for more information about electric shavers. You have already done a lot to harm the environment because of your actions. This is the least that you can do to start helping out. We only have one world. We can either let it rot or we can do something about the problem it faces.

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