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Can Riding a Bike Instead of a Motorised Vehicle Really Help the Environment?

Those who are promoting environmental protection believe that riding a bike is better than using motorised vehicle. Some people think it is an inconvenience, but several studies have proven that using a bike is indeed more helpful in preserving the environment.

Obviously, a bike doesn’t emit smoke. It means that it does not cause pollution and increase carbon in the atmosphere. There are a lot of other ways in which using a bike can help save the environment.

Manufacturing footprint

Of course, you can’t expect that creating the bike won’t cause pollution. While manufacturing it, pollution takes place. However, it is a lot better than using motorised vehicle. If we stop producing motorised vehicles and just stick with bicycles, we can save more rubber and fuel in the long run. The forest is preserved too. Considering just how much of the virgin forest is left, this is the time to seriously do something about it.

Protect wildlife

You might think that only human beings are inconvenienced by pollution. The truth is that even animals and plants suffer. Imagine when it rains and there’s too much pollution that comes with it, these animals will surely suffer. They might even die. Another way in which bicycles protect the wildlife is that they won’t require huge parking lot. Think about the number of establishments being built. Not only is the actual building constructed, they also need a separate space for parking lot. As a result, the forest has to be cleared even more and it can cause major damagers. This could be stopped if we won’t be using parking lots as bicycles occupy far less space.

Help save lives

Not only do bicycles save the environment, they also save lives directly. According to statistics, over 33,000 people die from motor vehicle accidents each year in the US alone. There are also deaths due to the use of bicycles, but they are far lower at just 700. Of course, you also get health benefits from biking. You remain fit and healthy. You burn more calories. You also feel relaxed while using it. This means that you will be more emotionally fit.

Appreciate nature

Perhaps, this is the best part of using the bicycle. You are not moving too fast. You take your time to appreciate the things around you. The main reason why you don’t appreciate nature much is because you don’t interact with it often. Now that you are biking, you will realise just how beautiful nature is and how much it gives to us. This makes you more aware of the consequences of losing Mother Nature due to human selfishness.

It is time to change and now is the best time to do it. We have already damaged the environment for far too long. Check out the best men’s mountain bike under 200 if you are on a tight budget. The goal is to gradually eliminate the use of motorised vehicle. This is a long term plan that needs to begin now.

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